Heather buffo profile

I'm Heather Buffo, CEO of Buffology LLC.

I sell professional services, ice cream sandwiches, and bicycle knowledge in Austin, TX.

I started my career in education and public service before selling my soul to the tech industry (to change the world! and innovate!) I did pretty well there, growing an international community of venture capitalists and startup operators dedicated to disrupting the private capital system. I took my first go at entrepreneurship in February 2023 when I struck out on my own to help businesses put money in the bank through fundraising advisory, business development and sales support. I call my special science of strategy and execution Buffology.

In 2024 I'm starting my second entrepreneurial venture that feeds my hedonistic side. La Dolce VĂ©lo launches May 2024, pedaling sweets and bicycle treats in Austin, Texas.

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